• I still try to update my greenhouse controller. It worked at v1.92 and now it is with 2.04
    I've found that it begins planned sequences at incorrect time. Fully incorrect. I've just made the check:
    I've started a few setTimeouts, get dump(), then have disconnected, have waited about 10 or 12 minutes and get dump() again.
    Here is the results of first dump()

    setTimeout(function (s) {return console.log(s)}, 6880496.76513671875); // 3
    setTimeout(startWatering, 3308897.216796875); // 4
    setTimeout(startWatering, 3308899.169921875); // 5
    setTimeout(startWatering, 3308901.18408203125); // 6

    And second one

    setTimeout(function (s) {return console.log(s)}, 6772275.60424804687); // 3
    setTimeout(startWatering, 3200676.05590820312); // 4
    setTimeout(startWatering, 3200678.00903320312); // 5
    setTimeout(startWatering, 3200680.02319335937); // 6

    As you can calculate, Puck.js thinks that I was away only about 1 or 2 minutes.
    That is really problem for my greenhouse.
    Is it a major bug or new feature (may be some kind of deepsleep which I should turn off)?


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