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  • a switch to 32x32 or 28x36 would allow more curved and thicker/thinner chars - correct?

    Yes, but it also then means you can't fit X and Y into one byte :)

    @NebbishHacker that's great, thanks! yes, we could move to a 14x18 grid if you think that'd make more sense for the characters? Seems like quite a bit of work and maybe stuff like 'W' would be a bit too tricky then?

  • W and @ would have to be squished a bit, but I think everything else would fit as is. Mostly I just want to make a few things like the parentheses sit a bit higher. In any case, I'll experiment a bit more to see if it seems like a change worth making.

    I was also pondering if it might be better in the long run to include all the accented characters directly.


    • simpler font rendering
    • more direct control over the appearance of said characters
    • would make it relatively easy to support custom vector fonts, since all the information required to render a font would be contained in one array + a few parameters


    • space usage

    On a related note, would it make sense to store the font in a compressed form? It has a lot of small repeated elements so I think it should compress fairly well, but I guess compression would make it harder to index into it and access individual characters.


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