• Hi!
    After long time I've started to update my greenhouse controller. It is based on Puck.js, whick is glued in center of the box.
    First of all I upgraded Puck.js firmware from v1.92 to have working BLE characteristics (there were bugs with BLE at the old version). After the upgrade I've found that my greenhouse is dry, because TLE94112 is not response.
    I made a few tests and discovered that maximal SPI speed to have it responsible is now 740000 baud (and 750000 is already too much) while at v1.92 it works at 1000000 baud and more. So, I think, something is wrong in SPI in new versions. Or, may be, somethink was wrong in old one. In any case, compatibility is broken.
    I will change my soft, of course. But be aware because it may be invisible evil bug in the code ;)


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