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  • For local modules I'm afraid there is no solution yet since the web browser doesn't give full access to the filesystem. When things calm down I'll be adding a login to the Web IDE and you'll be able to upload 'local' modules there.

    For the text, you may be hitting an issue with the unicode font conversion. There's some code at­s/blob/gh-pages/plugins/unicode.js which has been a constant source of pain for me.

    The idea was any strings get converted to a UTF8 sequence of chars. While that's great for serving websites, it's not what you want for on-espruino graphics.

    I'd be interested to know what your thoughts are on that - I guess I could make it configurable (eg. you could set which codepage you want to use). I guess the terminal could also be configured to interpret incoming text from that codepage as well.


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