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  • And for the sake of completeness, here it is rendered in the emulator.

    I doubt the 1x scale results are ever going to look quite as good as a handcrafted pixel font, since the rasterization algorithm has to deal with things like pixels that are perfectly subdivided by an edge. That said, I think it'll definitely look better if fillPoly can be improved. Some notable quirks:

    • The top bar of letters like E, F, and Z are one pixel thicker than they should be
    • There should be a 1 pixel gap between the two marks in the double quote, but it comes out looking like a solid block
    • You get can get notably different results from some shapes just by reversing the order of the points (this is the difference between the two bars of the uppcase K, for instance)

    The 2x and up results look pretty good, though, which I assume is the more important use case.

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