• Just a followup. I also got the 16bit mode working and it is visibly slower. 30ms more is really visible difference. Also rewrote the framebuffer/palette lookup reading code so that I can have 3-bit 8 color mode (pixels not aligned to byte boundary). Unfortunately Espruino does not support that, learned after it was already done. After adding bpp=3 to isValidBPP here https://github.com/espruino/Espruino/blo­b/master/libs/graphics/jswrap_graphics.c­#L181 it almost works, just have some wrong thin blank vertical stripes where the byte boundary is crossed. will check how easily it can be fixed.

    Also as for colors I tried some dynamic palette for bpp=1 mode so I could change colors between flips - to have multiple colors with only 1 bit framebuffer. And it can work like that for many things without a need for full 2 or 4 bpp. With 1bpp the first cube rotating screen and then second shape fill screen look almost same as before. Only random lines show some nice ZX Spectrum style color artifacts :-)

    Current code is still here also briefly described how one could self host the compiler https://github.com/fanoush/ds-d6/wiki/Es­pruino-Inline-C if you want to modify it.

    It is actually pretty nice environment with inline c, one could upload code quickly without even touching the flash memory and try anything freely. With watchdog enabled bugs are harmless. Thinking about exporting unused interrupt vectors from Espruino as this is currently clear limitation of inline C - I cannot hook into SPI interrupt in the driver now. Something like E.set/getInterruptVector(intNo) would do. Any vector unused by current espruino build could be exported like that.


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