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  • And here's the above characters rendered on the Bangle.js, using my svg2bangle tool. At 2x scale they generally look pretty good, but at 1x scale it gets a bit quirky. Part of the issue is that fillPoly doesn't preserve symmetry - the same pattern of points doesn't produce the same pattern of pixels when mirrored vertically or horizontally.

    Here's the emulator link:­ml?gist=c6dcac546c7247108f7c2255251d6c03­

    I'm a bit on the fence about Hershey - maybe the performance isn't too big a deal. The issue IMO is when you get to the middle-ground of 2px wide lines where it'll look quite rough using a filled polygon. Higher sizes can be made to work well.

    On the flipside, with the hershey fonts people can always tweak the line thickness until it looks good to them. With a regular poly font you get no such freedom.

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