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  • Well, the current vector font averages ~30 points each for the 95 available characters. If we could do that it'd roughly halve the size, but hopefully we could get a bit under.

    I made some sample characters in a few different styles. The top two rows are as smooth as I could manage given the limitations of the grid, averaging 20 points per characters. The next two rows are a bit more angular, averaging ~17 points per character. The last two rows are as minimal as I could manage, averaging ~15 points per character.

    I'd be personally inclined to go with the first style, since it scales up nicely and still stays significantly under the ~30 points per character of the original font, but I'd be curious to know what other people think.

    (This is using the single poly per character method - if I break it up into multiple polys that'll inflate the point count a little bit)

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