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  • That would be awesome!

    Well, the current vector font averages ~30 points each for the 95 available characters. If we could do that it'd roughly halve the size, but hopefully we could get a bit under.

    Just a note about making the fonts after sleeping on it - actually what I've done for holes in the SVG above (using one poly and going across and back to make a hole) probably isn't the best and it's a pain to work with. I think it'd be better to just use two polys and when possible try and get them so that each polygon didn't turn into multiple scanlines (eg. E is better than W).

    I'm a bit on the fence about Hershey - maybe the performance isn't too big a deal. The issue IMO is when you get to the middle-ground of 2px wide lines where it'll look quite rough using a filled polygon. Higher sizes can be made to work well.

    If you're interested I had a quick go at Hershey rendering by mapping the line into one big polygon:­ues/1702#issuecomment-627833095

    I guess that could be an option - there are still a few edge cases to work out on it though.

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