• The rotating cube looks quite fast - fast enough to use as you note. With hardware supported SPI, I have previously managed to get quite good performance for a relatively simple Arduino based ILI9341 driver - see.

  • ILI9341 driver - see.

    Oh, nice, thank you for linking that, the canvas idea with different smaller areas of different bit depth is interesting and could save memory. I think that is what @Gordon was adding to Espruino in recent days? Then you don't need to have whole framebuffer (28K in my case for 16 color 4bit one) and could blit such areas directly. E.g. for fonts there is otherwise no other way than to draw each pixel separately which is very slow as seen in the simple driver example here - that one was very painful to see on P8.

    Not sure what it will do with memory fragmentation to create such (relatively large) memory blocks dynamically. With one framebuffer you create it once on the beginning. And with around 300 variables free I am experiencing issues to get small flat strings created, this gets triggered sometimes unless I put the code to flash.

    The rotating cube looks quite fast

    Oh, that one is even fully drawn in javascript running via setInterval() so that the device is still responsive.


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