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  • Hi Hank,

    you can start by reading the readme from the weather app³ itself:­ree/master/apps/weather

    It has also linked a guide how to setup the weather app² for GB:­etbridge/wiki/Weather

    To summarize:
    1) Install GB widget and weather app³ to the Bangle
    2) Install GB android app on your phone (via the F-Droid package, NOT the google play store version)
    3) Install the additional android weather app² (see second link above)
    4) Setup weather app² and GB on your phone correctly (see second link above)
    5) connect GB app to your Bangle

    Hope the helps to get started.

    foot notes:
    ² - the Android weather app on your phone
    ³ - the BangleJS weather app from the app loader


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