• Tue 2020.05.05

    I've done one better. Here is what I see in each of two twenty second clips. I think you'll agree that isn't how it should be working, right?

    In the first pass trace takes about five seconds and I note that the it outputs it's pound ID references up to around ~#600. During the second pass, as shown in the clips, the IDs are now in the thousands, and it takes more than ten minutes to output at which time noting the repeating data, I just abort.

    As it appears your Linux developer station is unable to replicate, lets verify that. Follow the last sequence of steps in #4 post, placing ten or more carriage returns between each step so that I'll be able to examine quicker, but for the first file, don't include the last trace(). That'll create around 100K which will be able to be captured from the console using the mouse drag select process. Should the error be there, then performing the last trace() will need at least two more passes, to grab anything of use, but it will push the first steps North, the reason to save that content first.

    With that, I should be able to point to exact lines within your file, and then show a line by line comparrison in my file. We'll then know if it is a Windows only or reproduceable on Linux then.

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