• I need to edit/debug an existing online module using the online WebIDE.

    Do you mean debugging part of the Web IDE, or a module running on Espruino?

    Given the rest of this post I'd assume you mean a module running on Espruino. You can't 'map' a local file at the moment, nor can you use 'Chrome Developer tools' (those are for Chrome).

    The easiest way to do it is to add:

    Modules.addCached("mymodule",function() { 
     // modulecode

    to the front of the source file you upload. You can then view/modify the code pretty quickly.

    On the online IDE you can also upload directly to a storage file called modulefile, and can set the 'Load after saving' option to 'default' - you can then work directly with the module you're interested in.


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