• but a resolution to capture the trace output was never responded to

    I did respond. Literally all you have to do it click 'disconnect' if data is being printed to the console - then you can scroll back, highlight and copy however much you want.

    If one takes a peek at the .connect function() ... I believe I've found the culprit,

    Please can you point to exactly what you believe is the issue?

    Symptom: Performing a trace() loops indefinitely.

    Are you sure? Because I just tried this exactly as you said and it appears to be dumping a lot of data, but it does finish eventually. The issue is a lot of functions store their declaration scope in "\xFFsco" which gets printed as well, so that is duplicated each time (because they're all defined in the same scope) but you can see the function name changes each time.

    How long did you wait for it to finish?

    Perhaps you could post up the a of an infinite trace that you do have (or part of it).


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