• Sun 2020.05.03

    Good Morning Marek and thanks for posting the images, I'll need to put a bit of time in to study.

    What a treat, the link to the ElectroBoom channel. No I haven't seen that, but just took a quick peak at the channel intro. See a pattern here, First blowing up electronic products, then blowing up oil tankers, what's next?? Having a daily dose of those will make things more bearable!! ;-)))

    A quick peak at the schematic and we are dealing with 11V there, so we'll need to be extra careful before connecting our precious Espruino. What an odd value, eleven. What is your mains voltage in your country? We're at 60Hz 120VAC and 5V and 12V are our usual standards. First time I've come across eleven.

    The photos really help, any chance you could post one (or a really well understood label reference) of the actual wire you use and where it is bridging pins please. I imagine its on the black or blue terminal block. Where is the lock in the diagram and which pins is that connected to?

    This will help others, and I know there are a few forum posters on your side of the world that are heavy into electronics and may have the rest of their day to help out, and I wanted to get this posted to allow a bit of time to get the jumper image posted for them.

    P.S. make sure the photo is taken with the power off, otherwise I'll be watching your surprise on that ElectroBoom channel !!   wink, wink

  • Good morning Robin :)

    Ok so it's a little bit hard to make a photo of what I'm shorting in the box, because it's a huge tangle of cables and I can't seem to take a good photo of.

    Instead I used the photo with all cables removed and added schematic of how I think I should connect. Please find it attached. I also marked where the electric lock is connected to (EZ label). However I would prefer not to interact with this part. The cables I want to short imitate human pushing the button on the Unifon to open door. The intercom generator controls the time the lock is unlocked. Even if I short it only for a fraction of second the door is unlocked for like ~5 seconds. That's a behavior I like and I want to keep when I trigger opening from Espruino :)

    Also I'm attaching the photo of the Unifon internals that helped me figure out what I should be shorting. It's much clearer. On that photo I was shorting inputs labels 10 and 9. This is what allowed me to figure out the colors of cables that I should be shorting downstairs.

    What is your mains voltage in your country?

    I'm in Poland and the AC standards is 230 V / 50 Hz. Despite my googling effort I can't find what the standard for DC are. I begin to think there is no standard and engineers just make it up as they go:)


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