• Hi Robin,

    One of my favorite learning videos is the exploding LED, around 03:08

    You should check out ElectroBoom youtube channel. It's run by Iranian electric technician living in Canada, who is constantly getting shocked or have stuff catch fire. I find it very entertaining :)

    Any chance you could provide images of the exposed intercom wiring and how the shorting of pins is done?

    I was trying to make the best photo of the wiring I could get, but really it's quite messy, so not easy to make something out.

    So I googled around for this intercom model and actually internet came through:) I'm attaching:

    1. Photo of this board with all cable removed.
    2. Schematics of correct connections.
    3. The schematics of the generator.
      4.The photo of the actual wiring. It's cluttered and messy.

    Unlocking action is triggered by shorting the black and brown cables.
    On picture without wires these are labelled MASA (this is polish for ground, black cable) and MK (brown cable).

    I figured this part out by inspecting how unifon in my home is wired. Also I shorted these two clips with a cable and it opens the lock. I measured there is 0.6V between these wires.

    Thank you again for helping me with this :)

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