• In a stunning example of high quality electronics construction(!) - no amateur construction of sticky tape, Pritt stick and tin foil here - I had a go this afternoon at making a gesture version, so you "write" letters by swiping the patterns above.

    There are four pieces of tin foil glued to a piece of cardboard, an MPR121 breakout board and a MDBT42 module at the top. To ensure a quality construction the tin foil is covered with a thin piece of plastic from an old envelope.

    It works surprisingly well, and I find the gestures are becoming part of muscle memory.

    It would be cool to see if the nRF52 chip could implement four touch sensors directly -without the mpr121-, and then 4 pads could be attached to the cover of a puck. I know there is one cap sense input, but unsure if it can be easily extended to four, and how well they would work compared to the auto-calibration and filtering that the mpr121 chip does.

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