• Do you have the actual code and steps to create the error? I'm afraid that small section of trace output isn't enough to get any useful information.

    If Espruino is constantly writing to the terminal, you can also just disconnect, then it stops updating and you can copy/paste all you like.

  • Thr 2020.04.30

    'that small section of trace output isn't enough to get any useful information'

    I was also under the same assumption as I attempted to get at the culprit from the console. As I explained while using the online IDE, that browser tab instance became corrupt, not allowing easy drag through (similar to Ctrl+A) forcing me to attempt to stitch what I could back together. Felt that the observation of endless while trap was more important, and provided the best I could to get at least something documented.

    'Do you have the actual code and steps'

    Pretty much spelled that out in the last line of the post. I'm fearful of just providing what I 'knew' at the time as I'll guess you'll want to 'know', that burning desire to get at it right now, will start down a path of no such luck, when focussing on Bangle is where your skills are currently needed. But to placate you for a bit, the first link in post #1 points to the code block I started with. Under a hunch to initially find out if the templated string issue had been merged into the online IDE, as I also wanted to test some templated code, I loaded that up instead of the native .exe WebIDE, also knowing that the native IDE will eventually be replaced, so wanted to compare their also.

    What I was in the process of doing, was to upload that code block from a file that I had been editing in notepad++ as I have done for all projects. I then cut-n-paste working code snippets into the console side, which 99% of the time don't require editing, as they have worked in other projects. I had been using dump() and trace() to copy to a file for ease of review in notepad++ as I saw an anomaly within dump(). In my haste, as I knew trace() would be needed, I bypassed grabbing the dump() on it's own. To my surprise, when I ran trace(), the output was just updating as slow as a BLE upload might look, so I walked away for a bit. Came back and it was still updating, even though there were only a hundred lines or so of code. As I had a fair amount of experience using trace(), knew that couln't be the case so attempted to grab what I could, but mouse highlighting wouldn't allow a similar Ctrl+A grab. The rest is outlined in the initial post.

    As what I really needed were the steps and snippets, what I had entered initially but as indicated had scrolled North, so the actual steps are gone, but I had pencil'd a few notes and as I pointed out in the last line, will make a vain attempt.


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