• @Robin, the wifi object has a life cycle... and .getIP() can only be executed when it is (had) a connection. That's the reason why you get >Uncaught Error: Cannot read property 'cmd' of undefined at line 1 col 11 var b={};f.cmd("AT+CIFSR\r\n",... with up-arrow (accent circumflex - ^) pointing to cmd property of (minimized) f variable in Post #4. Variable/property f of/within wifi object is undefined until connection exists. (yes, it could be handled 'gracefully'... on cost of space/variables not available to the application anymore... : ).

    The life cycle and the communication between the application stack and the wifi stack together with your application of them explains the error you get.

    Most of the time requiring a module is only making the code object available to the application with no (or minimal) setup. The typical .connect() then returns an object that is functionally alive and a service to the application.


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