• Tue 2020.04.28

    Thank you @Gordon and @allObjects. It appears that the optional callback, isn't optional.

    callback - An optional callback(err, ipinfo) function to be called back with the IP information.

    Is anyone able to confirm that the online WebIDE is capable of copying more than twenty lines at a time to the clipboard, using the Chrome browser on a Windows10 PC. An article I found claims the limit is 4Meg and I'm sure I'm not near that.


       native WebIDE .exe
    In the Left-hand console side of the .exe app WebIDE, it is possible to click-drag upward through that side, collecting the entire contents, say 100+lines, as the mouse button is released.

       online IDE
    But, when I perform this task with the online IDE, I'm not permitted (the copy just doesn't complete) to allow scrolling to occur to capture more than what is shown ~20 lines.

    I'm currently stuck. With a combination of dump() and trace() I filled the console with way more than several hundred lines I want to now save. Should I chose to disconnect, and attempt this task with the .exe app, then I lose whatever is currently in the device memory, not allowing further analysis. As soon as I attempt to move the mouse above the console window to enable scrolling, the highlighting disappears, thus capturing just what is seen. Should I chose to reboot to see if this is a browser issue, I also lose the data, and may not be any further ahead.

    Short of copy-n-paste, then stitch each ~20 line block, I'm out of ideas.

    I need to compare what appears to be a different behavior using the same sequence of operation between the native app and the online IDE. I'm attempting to grab the content from the online right now.

    If this multiple line scroll feature is not available for the online version, it should be, and knowing whether it is possible will confirm I need to continue with copy-n-paste, as painful as that currently is.

    Thank you in advance.


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