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  • Fri 2020.04.24

    As a three year end user myself developing on the Espruino platform, I am proud to display the Tradename and Trademark of Bangle.js

    As the thought wreaks of indolence I have to ask, Did you dedicate seven years full time in the design and development process proving the concept in the pursuit of running a proprietary Javascript interpreter on microcontrollers? Did you toil with all the frustrations making a dream and the concept work and then make formal presentations to gather funding to bring this treasure to the hobbyists of the world? And what of the twelve thousand forum posts made by @Gordon himself providing much needed assistance to all of us that now support the Espruino brand? Intellectual Property Rights and Copyright violations aside, What contributions to the Espruino community have been made by yourself?

    What true purpose @user101316 is desired to be accomplished here?

  • Hi Robin, thanks for our response.
    Like I said, Intel does allows their clients to do labeling on their products with splashscreen.
    The idea is not violate or steal nothing, the idea here is about labeling with your own custom image. Some clients like to have their own logo, just that.

    If my clients buy it from me, I buy more from Gordon helping him to develop more great things like this.

    What's your problem about that?


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