• Hello guys,

    i've a problem with my ESP8266 D1 mini:

    I'm a total newbie to this device and javascript as a language and i try to parse a website, wich only response all contents if javasript is activated in browser.

    If i request the page with the ESP via "Get"-method there is not the full source code as response. How can i act like the browser, where js is activated, with my ESPruino 8266?

    Any Ideas?



  • Can you share which page you try to access? And what do you try to achieve?

    In general you won't be able to act exactly like a browser, there is not enough flash and memory to emulate a full browser in a tiny uC. I think first you should try to get it working in some "normal" web development tool like postman / node JS script / curl / fiddler on your computer. And when it's working port it to Espruino & ESP8266.


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