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  • Yes, trying to use as little mechanism as I can to narrow things down. I did install gadgetbridge but, again, too much static friction so haven't connected to it.

    I understand why you chose BLE in this case. Indeed, my goal is for IP (4 or 6 don't matter for this purpose) over BLE. I wanted to get some hands-on experience before taking it up with the Bluetooth SIG. This is a full topic in its own right and I write about such issues in my column.

    Is the BLE radio in the Bangle very short range? I'm about 2 meters from the particular pi. Is that too far? To test I just replaced the battery in the puck and it shows up (-80 vs the pixel at -87)

    It is paired with my PC but I presume there is a difference between connected/disconnected and if I disconnect from the browser it should become available.

    IDE -- I sometimes get a connection hang on the PC too and futz (to use the technical term) till somehow it connects. This latest test I brought the BJS to the pi and it immediately adds itself to the list with the puck and pixel but failed to connect. And then, after a refresh, I get no ports found

    Not sure how much time I'll have to experiment with this (though, alas, I find myself trying one more thing). I might reach out to the BLE world for a better understanding.