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  • So you're not using MQTToBLE at all, just NRF.setAdvertising? Could it be that you have a phone (with Gadgetbridge) or something else that is connecting to the Bangle.js? Bangle.js won't advertise when it's connected to other devices.

    I tried using the IDE on the pi it offered the BangleJS but never finished connecting.

    Thanks. I guess it might be related to­issues/41 ?

    having a WiFi option

    I have the Espruino WiFi boards but the issue with something like Bangle.js is just the chipset used. It's a big undertaking to rewrite the WiFi/Bluetooth stack for a whole new device - and the kind of chipsets available are often capable of running Linux/Android - which is the sensible choice for internet stuff if your device is capable of it.

    BLE has always been on the edge of offering IPv6 over BLE and having support built into routers. Several routers ship with it and it would have just been a firmware update to turn it on - unfortunately that doesn't really seem to have happened :(


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