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  • Context: the battery ran out and the GPS date/time had been lost.
    I connected my watch to App Loader and made all the updates (mainly Settings).
    I reboot the watch after the updates and…
    My watch stayed blocked on « Searching for GPS time ». No way to exit through button 3, no way to access the settings through button 2.
    Fortunately, as the bluetooth was on, I successfully updated the date/time through the « Set Bangle.js Time » button. Then, the exit through button 3 worked showing the Analog Clock.
    If I reboot, I meet the same problem: the watch stay blocked on « Searching for GPS time » until I update the date/time with App Loader.
    No problem with the other clocks I have: Simple Clock, Mixed Clock, Dev Clock and Morphing Clock.
    After reboot, the message « Searching for GPS time » is shown a second then the watch appears and all the buttons are running.
    My chance was the bluetooth was on. But, if not, how to do with the Analog Clock that doesn’t start after the « Searching for GPS time » question ?
    I precise that the GPS is not on and there is no way to make it run after boot (I let the watch outside and the « Searching for GPS time » was always here).


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