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  • I've made progress but not there. I installed to flash and disconnected. I eventually got the Espruin hub running on my pi to see the BangleJS but only if I placed it near the pi. No such problems with my pixl. But I'm not seeing the advertising message (Hello World).

    I do urge having a WiFi option in the future. It needn't use much power if it is off much of the time and used to send messages rather than listening all the time. And would have far fewer such issues. The limitations of BLE such as a single connection and the lack of preinstalled support is an issue. This is why I made sure Windows got TCP/IP preinstalled and with DHCP rather than forcing users to do it themselves.

    In the interim, it would be great to have a use case of a serial stream to an IP address (via TCP) and/or UDP. If I had that then the rest becomes very easy.

    As an FYI, I tried using the IDE on the pi it offered the BangleJS but never finished connecting.