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  • By “it “ what do you mean?

    There is a tutorial here which I started with.

    Here’s a simple breakdown of the general steps you need, I won’t have time (sorry!) to spell them all out in detail

    1) you need an MQTT broker, sounds like you have that in aedes, but people often use Mosquitto

    2) you need a BLE to MQTT bridge to get messages from Bluetooth to MQTT, for this you could consider Gordon’s EspruinoHub which also by the way has full instructions starting from scratch for running on a Pi.

    3) you need a program running on the Bangle which is advertising data on BLE - I imagine it broadcasts battery by default so you could just start with that

    4) you configure NodeRed to subscribe to MQTT messages coming from the Bangle and/or send messages to the Bangle take actions based on them. A good place to start is installing NodeRed’s dashboard UI and use the dashboard for testing.

    If you are a decent programmer you can skip NodeRed and build your own program on the server to subscribe to the MQTT messages and respond directly.

    It is more complicated to handle sending data to the Bangle, and advertising is by far the simplest mechanism.


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