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  • Tweaks

    • nRF52: If a central is connected to Espruino but isn't reading from UART, don't block waiting to send data
    • Allow heatshrink compress/decompress to work even if flat buffers can't be allocated
    • Lower thresholds for XON/XOFF to give more headroom with devices that are slow to respond
    • nRF5x: Ensure gatt.connect silently succeeds if we're already connected to the device
    • Improve free list ordering when Flat Strings are freed
    • Added ability to compile Espruino to JavaScript with Emscripten
    • JSON.stringify now escapes using the less efficient JSON subset of escape characters (fix #1737)
    • Add append optimisation for string '+', and don't append to flat/native/etc strings (fix #1746)
    • ESP8266_4MB: add optional build flag FLASH_1MB for ESP8255 & ESP01s with 1MB flash
    • ESP8266: add optional build flag NO_FOTA to remove flash over the air functionality
    • Increase 'Storage' library's max filename size to 24 bytes (from 8)


    • Pixl.js remove SHA512 to make room for new NFC functionality
    • Pixl.js: Removed AES functionality - unfortunately we're running low on space for it
    • Original Espruino Board: Removed Vector font and don't add rotated drawImage to save flash
    • Espruino Original: Removed Debugger, Tab complete, AT command networking from WIZnet networking build to free enough Flash
    • Espruino Pico: Added a normal build that doesn't contain CC3000 or WIZnet support
    • Espruino Pico: Removed Debugger and Vector font from WIZnet/CC3000 networking versions to free enough Flash
    • HYSTM32_28: Removed from build due to lack of interest and difficulty with increased firmware size
    • MDBT42Q: Remove AES encryption libs by default to free up more flash memory
    • Microbit: Add SAVE_ON_FLASH_EXTREME flag to ensure builds keep working

    Additions since KickStarter Build

    • Bangle.js: Add 'meridian' to locale library
    • Bangle.js: Don't load .boot0/1/2/3 if BTN1 is pressed
    • Bangle.js: Now clear entire top/bottom row if there are widgets in it (fix #1790)
    • Bangle.js: fix post-kickstarter issue adding widgets in bottom of screen (#1790)
    • Bangle.js: fix magnetometer self-calibration
    • Fix bitwise rshift by 0 to be unsigned (fix #1784)
    • Add Storage check at startup and erase everything if storage looks corrupt (fix #1766)
    • Fix restriction on StorageFile filename length (8 to 28)
    • Fix array sort when compare fn returns floats <1 (fix #1798)
    • Fix Storage.write duplicate file issue in some rare cases (fix #1801)

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