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  • This is a truly massive one - it has been a while coming! Some massive additions though...

    It's worth noting that Bangle.js KickStarter units (and Puck.js v2 when released) shipped with a 2v05 release, which is kindof a pre-release. I couldn't release all other boards at the same
    time because of issues with increased firmwware size on some boards.


    • Add Array.includes
    • Added Graphics.getFont/setFont/getFonts
    • Added Graphics.getFontHeight
    • Added option to compile in 6x8 fixed-width fonts
    • Added option to build in TensorFlow Lite for AI
    • nRF52: Add NRF.nfcPair(...) and OOB pairing to allow tap to pair over BLE
    • nRF52: Add NRF.nfcAndroidApp(...) to launch an Android app on touch
    • Graphics.setFont("4x6",2) will now double the size of a bitmap font
    • Graphics.drawImage can now take a String of data for an image (eg. direct from Storage)
    • require("Flash").write operations no longer need to be aligned
    • require("Storage").open added - for appendable files
    • nRF5x: Add NRF.filterDevices to allow scanned devices to be easily filtered after scanning
    • Add option to specify a palette when drawing images with drawImage
    • Add XON/XOFF flow control to Bluetooth LE UART (on by default)
    • Add a fast path for non-rotated non-scaled Graphics.drawImage
    • Add E.showMenu, deprecate - use a common function to ease porting between devices
    • Added E.showPrompt, E.showAlert for Bangle.js and Pixl.js
    • Pixl.js - check '.splash' file at startup and use it for splash screen if it's there
    • Added E.defrag to perform defragmentation - still beta!
    • Flash Strings: On Bangle.js allow JS code (and other Strings) to be accessed without loading them completely from Flash
    • Allow g.setColor/setBgColor to take hex Strings of the form '#00ff00'
    • Add Graphics.toColor, and allow 4 bit Mac palette to be mapped to 8 bit web palette
    • Add Graphics.setClipRect to allow draw ops to be restricted to a certain area
    • Graphics: new g.fillPoly to handle irregular polygons
    • Graphics: drawEllipse/fillEllipse now work correctly for very small ellipses
    • Allow to make partial file reads (fix #1744)
    • Add Graphics.reset, and ensure it (and g.clear(1)) unreference custom fonts
    • Added E.CRC32 for easy testing of data validity
    • Add E.on('kill' event for executing code before load/reset/save/etc
    • Allow optional load("filename") to load a JS file from Storage (was just load())
    • Add .toJSON handling for JSON.stringify, and add Date.toJSON (fix #1754)
    • Add Storage.writeJSON to avoid any confusion of writing arrays/numbers/etc
    • Add more info about flash memory to process.env/process.memory
    • Add Graphics.quadraticBezier()
    • Allow Graphics.setFont to be used with custom fonts (fix #1762)
    • Add E.setConsole/getConsole to allow console to be moved (including to 'null')
    • Add StorageFile.getLength() to get the current length of a StorageFile
    • Storage.list() can now take a RegEx/string to filter returned results
    • Storage.readJSON now has optional 2nd arg that stops it from creating exceptions on bad JSON
    • Add euro symbol to 6x8 and 4x6 fonts as char code 128 (ISO10646-1)
    • ESP32: add environment variable COMPORT to be used with make flash
    • Puck.js: v2 Support: Accelerometer/Gyro/temp
    • Puck.js: Self test now sets Puck.js BLE name if there's an error
    • Puck.js: Allow D21(RST) to be used as normal IO pin


    • Fix (Number.toFixed) rounding, eg (1234.505).toFixed(2)
    • Fix issue where Util Timer timers could break after a call to setTime
    • nRF5x: Support connection to devices with RANDOM_PRIVATE_RESOLVABLE and RANDOM_PRIVATE_NON_RESOLVABLE addresses
    • Pixl.js: Move SCK pin used during Neopixel writes to ensure it doesn't interfere with BTN3
    • nRF52: Fix alignment issue with Nordic's SDK12 code that stopped passkey pairing from working sometimes
    • nRF52: Fix 'BLE task completed that wasn't scheduled' warning regression (peripheral disconnect)
    • nRF52: fix issue where restarting the softdevice would reset the RTC (fixes Bangle.js watchdog reset)
    • nRF52: fix issue where advertising flags could get out of sync after SD restart
    • nRF52: Fix passkey pairing if setSecurity is after setServices
    • Fix pretokenise of RegExp literals (fix #1786)
    • Fixed REPL to allow chars with char code >=128
    • Fixed lex tokenToString for 'break'
    • Fix SyntaxError when using pretokenise + getters (fix #1745)
    • Ensure it's possible to get a solid background when using 4x6 font
    • Fix parseInt("0b",16) as well as some other non-compliant behaviour (fix #1722)
    • Espruino WiFi: WiFi module now makes BOOT pin open circuit when sleeping - saves ~2mA


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