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  • Quick update.

    As already expressed earlier in this thread, everything points to it being my phone that is causing this issue. As a test, I let the phone stay awake, with the screen on, for 2 hours, all the while having the watch connected and going about as usual (made sure to not get too far from the phone to avoid disconnecting caused by distance). After that I turned the phone screen off and let it stay like that for an additional 30 minutes.

    During the first 2 hours (screen on) there where 2 instances of the watch and phone losing connection (reason 8 both times), but it was quickly reestablished (within a few seconds). In the last 30 minutes (screen off) there where 25 connection state changes, of which only 9 where successful connection attempts and the rest failed (8 reason 8 and 1 reason 34 from an active connection, and 7 reason 133 when trying to reconnect).


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