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  • You will also probably have better luck with a PC instead of a mac. Macs are really picky about stuff, and they hate people doing anything other the basics with it.

    Also - how confident of your soldering to the mic wires? That kind of wire is insanely hard to solder to - the enamel on the wire is nigh impossible to remove.... we have tried chemicals, a guy I knew (for whom a sololution meant several thousand dollaert of otders) did a chloroform synth (where you mix pool shock solution and ice, in an ice bath, and slowly add acetone to it; if you keep it from getting so hot that it boils off the chloroform (it's highly exothermic solution), when you're done, there's chloroform at the bottom of reaction vessel). it didn't work - I have no idea what the now-banned enamel stripper contained (if anyone knows, please tell me), but whatever it was, it was good stuff!

    The only way that I know that will definitely work to strip it is to melt a pot of eutectic NaOH/KOH mixture and dip the ends in that; you of course need to make sure the container can hold it; it will attack almost anything, including glass (i worked with this doing my masters thesis - it would dissolve the glaze on the crucibles I tried to melt it in, and it trashed a YSZ crucible too). And of course, then you have a pot of molten lye on your desk (and, by the way, when not in use, you need to protect it from moisture in the air, as the hydroxides are extremely hygroscopic..... I have thought a lot about this, and it bites the big one.


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