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  • Wow, interesting - so it's a very low level problem. Not an app thing, but Bangle.js just can't write to the file.

    That may happen if memory was totally full, but it shouldn't happen normally as you've got 4MB of memory and you should have done 'Install Default Apps' first to erase all of it, then only installed a few kb of apps.

    And you're definitely using a Bangle.js from the KickStarter campaign and not something with a different firmware?

    Please can you tell me what require("Storage").getFree() says?

  • It's a Kickstarter Bangle.js for sure, unless you sent me something else. :D

    I ran the same procedure (Resetting the watch with "Install Default Apps", installing the Battery widget with percent, setting and deleting alarms) and this time I ended up with an empty alarm.json that I couldn't save any new alarms to.

    =[  ]
    =[  ]
    :  { on: true, hr: 12, last: 14, rp: true },
    :  { on: true, hr: 13, last: 14, rp: true }
    : ]));
    =[  ]

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