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  • Take a look at @DrAzzy 's posts pertaining to MOS FETs How to use PICO with OLED and MOSFET? . He did extensive work and also sells on Tindie's­imple-sot-23-mosfet-six-pack-logic-level­/ . All the FETs he uses have a lower range of GS voltage for on. Since power (current) is obviously not an issue you may add a BJT drives the FET and MDBT42Q drives the BJT (w/ inverse logic, of course). The resistor values may be halved in first schematics, since the source were 5 and 12 Volts. The second schematics has the resistors to limit the Gate current and make sure that with open drain / float output the FET is off ( @MaBe , this time I was too lazy to go for character graphics... shoot and shop had to do it).

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