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  • I've been trying to troubleshoot the connection between the watch and my phone for the past few days. It is very flakey and can disconnect and reconnect several times in quick succession, or stay stable for several hours.

    I'm using a OnePlus 3T with a custom Android 9 ROM. Gadgetbridge and all Bluetooth services are exempt from battery optimisation on the phone (and I even moved Gadgetbridge to /system/priv-app to see if that kept the connection more stable).

    I've tried with the watch both paired and without pairing in Gadgetbridge.

    I have no idea if it is caused by the phone, the ROM, Gadgetbridge or the watch... I'm going to switch to a different ROM in the near future, so then I'll at least have a second base of information there. Doesn't help right now though.

    In an attempt to dig deeper I've saved a couple of logcats showing several successful and failed connections during about 15 minutes. One with the watch paired to the phone and one without pairing in Gadgetbridge. My skills with troubleshooting Bluetooth on this level are quite limited though, so I'm posting the files here hoping that someone might see something of use.

    There are three files in each zip:

    1. The full logcat (but filtered to remove some personal info)
    2. A list showing all the separate successful and failed connections (for the time stamps)
    3. An excerpt from the log showing the first failed connection

    I've also noted that sometimes a reset of the watch (BTN1+BTN2) is necessary to be able to connect from my computer (and sometimes my phone). I believe I have read somewhere that Android doesn't actually let go of a BLE connection when you disconnect, so I was thinking this might be the reason for this little quirk. No biggie though, just a thought.

  • As it is working pretty well for me, I would rule out:

    • Bangle.js firmare
    • GB widget on Bangle.js
    • Gadgetbridge on phone (current version form F-Droid)

    Which leaves us with:

    • Phone settings (do not think so, as you made battery settings)
    • Phone ROM
    • Phone hardware

    BTW, I am using a Pixel 4XL with current Android version.