• Hello Gordon,
    I don't know if I found bug, but i've encontered strage behaviour. Converted png image using https://www.espruino.com/Image+Converter­
    Original image is RedHeart.png [attached]
    Result for converted [attached] is

    var img = {
      width : 48, height : 48, bpp : 4,

    Result in IDE emulator and actual device [attached] is BLUE as seen in one of the screenshots. Is it error in https://www.espruino.com/Image+Converter­ or something else?

    My code to display picture is following:

    const fontName = "6x8";
      const fontSize = 3;
      g.clear();  // clear screen
      g.reset();  // default draw styles
      g.setFont(fontName, fontSize);
      g.drawImage(img, 48, 125);

    3 Attachments

    • errHeartRed.png
    • errResultBlue.png
    • Hearts.png

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