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  • Same reason you put a use-by date on food packages. If the VSC post hasn't been updated in 2 years I know that it's a dead-end and no one cares. I can't update till it works well enough for me to learn.

    In this particular case, it seems to have been an incomplete effort and worth a reboot rather than a fix. I strongly want VSC/TS support but will start a new thread.

  • I think if a tutorial / guide includes third party code/module/something, a version number would be really helpful. Most likely more informative than a simple last modified timestamp. (You mean last modified date on the docs site. For some reason Robin and / or MaBe seems to think about timestamp here?)

    And a "support status" of the thing. Some JS modules state something like "Module xy is extremely beta.".

    The docs site in my experience:

    • Information about official Espruino's is usually pretty up to date. If there is a breaking change, usually the docs are updated, or someone notices and pings Gordon.
    • Info about ESP8266 and ESP32, is a bit outdated - that's community effort...
    • Info about third party stuff that don't get enough use, like VSC/TS integration - well, yeah :/

    On the other hand: if there is no breaking change, stuff works just as it worked years ago, should someone just crawl the whole docs site, and bump last modified if it still works?

    The link at the bottom of the page is useful: Last updated, and also list of commits, so you can the see changes as well.

  • Fri 2020.04.10

    'The link at the bottom of the page is useful: Last updated, and also list of commits, so you can the see changes as well.'

    Could this be a browser configuration thing? I just loaded the page in question, and there isn't a link at page bottom as described above.­Visual+Studio+Code+IDE

    @MaBe, thank you, learn something every day. Amazing how I've used the forum for three years now, and although I knew the blue number sign and numerical value was a post numbering hyperlink, never dawned on me as it is not intuitive to click on the adjacent time ago text. The main reason I date entries is I keep a running ASCII text file to speed searching to locate tips and links for speedy responses to forum requests. Text file searching using 'Find' is superior in comparrison to searching the forum, as my mental model is in chronological order. Remembering back, 'Oh, I wrote that around six weeks ago' aids in the speed to locate quickly. We each have our own tricks.


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