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  • I don't understand why dates would help you in this case? Many pages haven't been updated in a while and are still fine.

    If you find problems with a page, you could click the link down the bottom to contribute updated information that was correct.

  • Thr 2020.04.09

    I'm with @BobFrankston on this and was even a recommendation I made two years ago. Having many users make suggestions would be a bad practice, primarily as most of us are in the learning process of how the bits-n-pieces work. How would any of us know whether the suggestion will even be accepted, let alone practical and follow established coding practices. Most won't even provide a link in the forums as a reference, so how could one expect someone with little experience to make suggestions. Probably why no one does. It takes time, it takes a great skill to get thought across in language. Not all were born with that ability. There needs to be one overseer, a date and copyright (which at least that is there). Edits to the page also need a date reference also, especially in cases where the underlying firmware may have changes causing an issue. Just found one recently with an Espruino Original, but dismissed making an update suggestion for the reasons here. Another issue that I keep running up against, and have butted heads with several in the forums, is that of coding style. This just crept up again, and I am arming myself with several links, one even by that defends what I have been preaching all along, yet is dismissed in the Espruino world. How does one think that makes me feel, when those that wrote the specs and write the techniques, Charles Symoni I then take the same view point as I learned forty years ago, but get poo-pooed as it is believed the new teaching is somehow better? Reminds me of the B.S. our country is going through with the 'New Math' concept now being taught from which on their first job, recent grads aren't even able to count change! Practices and techniques were established for a reason. Imagine many flavors of coding technique examples and the difficulaties for someone just getting started would face, stymied and bewildered at which direction they should go. The change log should be date stamped along with the version, so one has an idea if something they read in the forum applies to the version they have. One of the reasons I have always dated my posts as a time reference.      my 0.02 worth


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