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  • ...did I read Pizza upgrade? ...topping specs? ...sorry for the not so foreign joke in this foreign time we all go thru right now. It needs some humor to brighten things up.

    On a more - or in other ways - serious note: the piezo is so quiet / low volume because it if 'free' between 'soft' things. if there would be a way to make it work like a piezo microphone (or probably your smoke detector), the element would have to be on 'solid ground' and the center would have to have a 'Stimmstock / tuning stick' like in the Violin that passes the vibration from the 'Steg / bridge' on the top onto the bottom - the membrane / speaker cone. The other thing that could work is a transducer 'bolted solidly' to the case, top glass is better than bottom metal.

    The mic I had as a tinkering boy: looked like a small round pill box with a 7 hole in the top giving view onto a metal membrane wit a funny metal thing poking thru its center, fixated with a tiny bit of glue. Behind the membrane was a flat 1x1cm thin crystal waver of which three corners were solidly mounted in the box and the fourth corner had the other end of the funny metal thing fixated to the membrane. Incoming sound waves flex the crystal which creates electrons being pushed around its grid... and this is detected by wires connected to the sides which were silver coated...

    Could not find a pic of such a mic nor find it... but I found - ironically this:­Guitar-Pickup-From-an-Old-Watch/

    No need to explain 'ironic'... and it also makes me think if this could be used to make Bangle.js a recording device! ...hahaha...


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