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  • @Gordon Had an opportunity to do some testing and have the following to report:

    As already stated, following the steps of first clearing the device by first installing the Default apps then setting up an alarm works fine. But, as soon as I install my list of apps it is no longer possible to set any alarms. With one exception: It is possible to set an alarm once, but after that no longer.

    The way that I set the clock up is to simply scroll from the top to the bottom of the App Loader and delete and install apps as I reach them in the list.

    I started testing by deleting and installing one app at a time, each time attempting to set an alarm afterwards and it worked after every deletion/install. So, it's not a specific app that is causing it.

    @Raik When it is possible to set an alarm the alarm.json file is present and contains the correct data, like in your screenshot. But, as I said above, after setting the clock up as described this only works once. After that the alarm.json stays empty (apart from the square brackets), no matter what alarm I try to set. It almost seems like the app can't write to the .json file anymore (no errors in the IDE though).

    But, I can get things working by doing the same setup as described above, with one small change. Instead of deleting and install apps as I go, I install all the apps I want and only when they all are installed do I delete the ones I do not want. It does not matter in which order the apps are installed or in which order they are deleted, as long as the deletions happen last it seems.

    Since I'm now out of time for today, I haven't tested if it's a certain number of installs/deletions that matter, if it has any impact as to what apps are installed/deleted, if setting an alarm before doing my setup changes the outcome, etc. That's for another day, if necessary.

    Hope that helps in any way.