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  • Wed 2020.04.08

    Were you aware that images are not rendering?

    See 'Formatting Help' link adjacent to 'Cancel' button at the bottom of each edit window.

  • Hi Robin
    Problem with images: upload doesn't seems to work and the google link (that works) is not rendered. Don't know why... (it works on other forums).

  • 'and the google link (that works)'

    Is it possible that it is necessary to log in at that destination, e.g. works for you as you are logged into that account?

    'upload doesn't seems to work'

    What exactly is meant by 'doesn't seem'?

    Uploading will keep appending to end of the post, just can't insert. Click 'Edit' button on post #1 or post #3, click the uplaod a file link. Can only add one at a time up to a max total of five. Just did a .jpg


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