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  • Mon 2020.04.06

    Hi @Alexandr, the link in post #1 and the title at the destination indicate a D1 Mini, but a true mini only has 16 pins, not 30!

    I see that you are a long time user of the ESP8266. As both errors occur inside the onInit, as a wild guess, it might be that stopping an AP before it is even created is causing the error. Has an attempt to place the internal code inside a try/catch block been attempted to see if any errors are bubbling up and not being caught?

    Until others are able to respond, take a look at some running code snippet examples that might give some insight:

    STA or AP mode browser unable to connect to ESP8266-12

    Posting snippet results of what does work, may provide some clues also.

    Also take a look at support options for NodeMCU:

  • Thanks for the answer. I want to add that on other models of esp8266 everything works perfectly. It is not clear why wifi does not work on this Board.


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