• It is good to know the cable is strait through and will short circuit if the pins are connected to the metal housing. I was there when it happened, the watch was charging at that moment, for the third time. I think it got knocked out of its loading position onto the surrounding housing and I did not notice. I smelt the burning and stopped it on time. The plug is melted, as you can see in the photo. My USB power unit has protection against short circuit, only it delivers 3A, so if it does not go above that when in short circuit due to the resistance of the wiring it will continue to think it is charging and not shutoff. I can measure it once i get a new one. Thanks for the link, if this is the correct charger cable, i will get a few, i also wanted some spare to charge when i forget to take the cable with me. I think a warning this can happen would be good.

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