• However, I'm having lots of difficulty maintaining a connection between Bangle.js and Gadgetbridge. It's incredibly irksome. Not sure if this is Gadgetbridge, Bangle.js, or my phone. It seems tokeep a connection longer if I leave Gadgetbridge as the active app in the foreground, but it still will disconnect a couple times (and not reconnect, despite the option to force reconnection) a day. Are there apps that can force other apps to continuously run in the background? Honestly, any suggestions would be great. I don't expect a perfect connection experience, but when I have to manually reconnect every time, it's frustrating. Okay, that's my rant. Thanks for any thoughts on the matter.

  • What phone do you have?
    For me this is working very well so far. It even connected briefly this morning, despite of being too rooms apart.