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  • Sat 2020.03.21

    Hi, @Jonaswinz, as previously mentioned in this post from a week ago:

    ESP32 fatal error: Arduino.h (Led Matrix 64x64)­344551/

    the above description is a continuation and nearly mirrors the content posted in that thread. This is a firmware build issue with ESP32. Wouldn't posting as a follow-up to that thread be the best location for your request as this forum topic is for those that have created a solution and are providing that content for others to enjoy the fruits of your labor?

    The heading for this topic is shown on the right hand side:

    'Projects: Share what you're working on!'­/

    and not, how to resolve an issue I have.

    While is is understandable that there may be frustrations building firmware should that not be your cup-of-tea, and while there are a couple of individuals like yourself that are attempting to create a solution on an unsupported board, the communitiy of Espruino developers consists primarily of those that support @Gordon and his extraordinary efforts with owning an Espruino flashed on an official supported board.

    I looked over that library, and I will agree that making use of the existing functionality would be a great accomplishment, if it can be pared down and reworked to fit within the memory requirements. With the struggles realized so far, wouldn't re-writing each method be a faster alternative to reach that goal?

    Has an attempt been made, creating a very small test library addition with maybe one or two methods using the file format and structure both C and C++ utilize, and learn from the individual build errors moving forward as opposed to attempting a large multi method, multi header first attempt?

    In addition, @allObjects has done extensive code module development using the Graphics class and made several observations in his #4 post there. As I read that, based on his experience, to overcome the flicker issue is likely going to need a major re-write anyway.

  • @Robin
    I am sorry. I understand the "Share what you're working on!" a bit like "I need some help with my project".
    The existing official espruino boards dont fit my needs (ble and wifi), and therefor the only board I can use is the ESP32.
    I thought I could "easily" adapt the smartmatrix library to espruino (save some time), but mabe you are right and I have to dig deeper.

    Yes I will


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