• Fri 2020.03.20

    Found this note:

    'Note: On nRF52 chips (used in Puck.js, Pixl.js, MDBT42Q) setWatch disables the GPIO output on that pin. In order to be able to write to the pin again you need to disable the watch with clearWatch.'


    This explains why setWatch was killing the PPI task, as PPI was writing to that pin, a positive pulse output.

    Also adds a bit of insight to the post #9 statement:

    'so if you're setWatching on the same pin then that could be a problem.'

    EDIT:   Sat 2020.03.21
    To which now the AhhHa light goes on as to why the watch needs to be on an input, as in this explanation:
    Heading: Interrupts
    'Espruino doesn't allow you to react to interrupts from these peripherals directly, however you can change the state of an external pin (see the examples above) and can then short that pin to another pin that you can use as an input with setWatch.'



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