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  • Here's my process.env(). Just for full disclosure, I received my Bangle, tried straight away to upload an app and encountered this problem - so I updated the firmware, no issues doing that.

    VERSION: "2v04.404",
    GIT_COMMIT: "8d193bab",
    FLASH: 524288, SPIFLASH: 4194304, STORAGE: 4194304, RAM: 65536,
    SERIAL: "251131b5-18f4c898",
    CONSOLE: "Bluetooth",
    MODULES: "Flash,Storage,hea" ... "tensorflow,locale",
    EXPTR: 536883676 }

  • Thank you, that should assist others.

    Please review post #8 as our individual "Post reply"'s may have crossed.

    'and encountered this problem'

    Which encounter is being referred to, uploading or reset?


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