• Sun 2020.03.08

    Ran into another snag.

    While I'm getting the hang of wiring (via code) the PPI tasks and events, un-wiring them has me a bit stumped. While flags stop and clear seem to work, when using say ll.ppiDisable(0);, while it does seem to change the functionality, it also locks the pin in the state it was at, as the command is executed. The pin mode seems to stay the same, but it then isn't possible to change modes or set the pin state.

    Not a super critical solve now issue, as powering off, does allow the nRF52 to reset, it would make for a good tutorial, should I be able to determine the proper un-wiring sequence. I presume it is in the reverse order of setup, so I'll continue to play until frustration sets in. ;-)

    Back to the datsheet as I'm not sure if the issue is with the event and state or the interconnect, or a combination.

    EDIT:  Sun 2020.03.08  

    Quick patch fix for 'Button held down example' is to reverse the 'btnu' and 'btnd' var definitions, but I'm not convinced just yet that, . . . that is all there is to it, as, . . . . post #6


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