• Hello,
    I want to drive a 64×64 Ledmatrix (hub75e) with my esp32 via Espruino. Previously I used the smartmatrix library with arduino code.

    After some research I found no included function, or library to drive my display with Espruino. The article about writing my own C extension kept me thinking about a wrapper for the smartmatrix library. Finally, I successfully added my own module into the Espruino code.

    But here is my problem: The smartmatrix library needs the Arduino.h file to work property. There is a tutorial to include the Arduino driver (https://github.com/espruino/Espruino/tre­e/master/targets/esp32), but the build failures.
    My error is: “error: conflicting types for random”. I tried to change some versions (https://github.com/espressif/arduino-esp­32/issues/3201), but this generated more errors (maybe I did it wrong).

    ESP Template:
    Toolchain version: esp-2019r2
    Compiler version 8.2.0

    I would appreciate some help.

  • Sat 2020.03.07

    Hello Jonas @user110079 and thank you for your interest in Espruino!

    As it appears this is more of a build issue, wouldn't a title like:

    'Build error: conflicting types for random with 64x64 LED Matrix on ESP32'

    steer a more appropriate crowd? A simple title edit may draw a more specialized respondant.

    There are a few projects with minor modifications that may do what you need, without the overhead of the path currently on. Have these links been checked out?



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