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  • Sorry, been out of town for a bit. I will clarify the situation here and in the OP. The power is fine for I would say somewhere in the 24 hour range. I tested it friday eve, then Sat aft it didn't work anymore. I had been having ongoing issues with power drain for a while, so I figured it must be the LEDs. The main issue is that when I leave things on the power drained even though there was no real appearance of activity.

    As allObjects indicated above this would be consistent with the LEDs draining it at 300mah. Past certain point it doesn't work anymore.

    I don't need to turn more than 10 on at any time, so I don't need more than 4xAAs. Because I'm using garbage batteries, voltage output is about 5v, so its fine for the WS2812Bs. I prefer AAs vs. custom battery pack because I don't want to charge the thing all the time, I want to be able to swap out AAs and drive on. (its for a game).

    It seems like the relay is the answer at this point.

    I'll post process.env to satisfy your curiosity tomorrow night!

  • Sun 2020.03.01

    ' I'm using garbage batteries'

    Rechargeables I hope?

    Was the edit update in post #3 noticed? Although the concept of a relay is easy to understand, the relay coil itself with an audible click will most likely be drawing several milliamps to stay engaged, while the quiet FET solution will be in the microamp range.


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