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  • the battery dies after an hour or two even if the lights are off.

    Something is really off. 4*AA good quality alkaline battery should have ~3000mAh capacity at low current, decent AA NiMh should have ~2000mAh capacity at even high drain. (Ikea's white made in Japan Ladda are recommended by a lots of people as those are assumed to be rebranded Eneloop Pros, and pretty cheap for that)
    The EspruinoBoard (do you use that?) shouldn't draw a huge amount of power even when idling. So even if that is running at max power, that's not even close to draining your battery

    Assuming @allObjects's 300mA idle drain that should still run for 6-8 hours. Can you check the power drain with a multimeter?
    But 300 neopixels can draw a lot of current (300 * 60mA on all LED's full brightness = 18 Ampers!) Not even the best AA batteries can supply that amount of current. That's the power range of decent 18650 LiIon's designed for power-tool use.

    What kind of battery do you use?
    Do you really have 300 neopixels? If you do, and want to turn on all of them, definitely need a lot beafier battery! You can check battery tests by HKJ to figure out what kind of battery you need for the runtime you want.


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